• United States
      24/02/2016 13:38:35

    • Truth teller power says:
      forgotten bye bye you loser
    • United States
      24/02/2016 13:38:20

    • Truth teller power says:
      Love all with hippie free love the only real love free will is only if you chose a body or not and if you do you must be touched or you parish in horrors and freak accidents for your mistake love all or your gone forever in holy fire and forgotten by
    • United States
      03/01/2016 11:14:30

    • Lonely armada says:
      Stop saying don't grope us in 2016 just love all men you picked your jobs and you have no right to talk about sexual harassment it don't exist just love all or parish and are forgotten forever bye bye cunts love all or your nonexistence
    • United States
      14/07/2015 11:01:23

    • Lonely forces says:
      Love all or be crushed by your own bad karma if dealt with alone your forgotten if you hurt men and others bye bye losers
    • United States
      27/03/2015 11:40:02

    • Lonely fighters says:
      If you selfish monogamist black magic using freaks get married in 2015 and other you just die and we are free from your evil forever and stop bullying gay and transgendered people bye bye forever J.T and other jerks who hate
    • United States
      15/04/2014 10:45:18

    • The lonely armada says:
      Total humiateion will come to feminist terror group F.E.A.R. if they let bad things happen to us
    • United States
      18/02/2014 11:23:09

    • Truth talker says:
      It's bad luck and worse karma to call others strangers for we are all one energy and you will suffer pain and suffering woe and sorrow forever upon uttering or thinking the word stranger
    • India
      28/09/2010 06:25:01

    • saurabh says:
      sexy, salty and nude is too much. gorgeous babe.

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