• United States
      17/10/2015 12:14:30

    • Truth lover says:
      Money doesn't talk people do so love all and don't believe in money or suffer in real life it's love all or painful freak accidents happen to you hospitals and morgues are filled with you haters bye bye your forgotten how do you like that? loser
    • United States
      13/11/2014 12:25:56

    • Lonely armada says:
      Monogamist married people should walk a mile in are shoes and see how it feels or suffer painful freak accidents die and be forgotten like you do to us
    • United States
      07/10/2014 10:06:19

    • Male commando infantry says:
      Monogamist capitalists that call themselves couples and are selfish are in there own private hell suffering multiple freak accidents in pain so let us cure you or suffer die and be forgotten for good ha
    • United States
      28/06/2014 09:44:15

    • Truth tellers club says:
      Monogamists have the worst luck and growing eternal bad karma of all and suffer in agony and hopelessness till they learn real love
    • United States
      17/06/2014 10:35:41

    • Truth tellers club says:
      Bad luck and ever growing bad karma will be yours for life
    • United States
      17/06/2014 10:34:36

    • Truth tellers club says:
      Beware of parents wanting you to have kids in a overpopulated world for they are really demons plotting against mother earth and the already here and possibly starving so adopt or just take care of animals and plants or rot in hades for good eternal
    • United States
      04/04/2014 10:33:26

    • Lonely brigade says:
      We're ready for all you boogie women sons of guns be gone forever or suffer our fury of goodness and peace creation lightship go
    • United States
      29/06/2010 00:17:11

    • emerald says:
      Sweet woman XOXOXO !
    • 09/11/2009 15:47:08

    • jaooo says:

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