• United States
      01/10/2014 11:28:47

    • Real truthers says:
      Walking cunts must stay out of the gyms hot houses and tubes or there fear and anger will just make them burn up to ashes yet another freak accident that befalls cunts that hate men and creation lightship
    • United States
      05/06/2014 10:16:14

    • Truth tellers club says:
      Capitalism is fake because if you ate food at a restarant and didn't pay they would just have your stomach pumped and put you in jail the food wouldn't disappear you selfish retards
    • United States
      24/05/2014 10:40:26

    • Lonely armada says:
      Bring the allies walking jinxes might be shambling nazi zombie androids wanting to take over mother earth that's why that let us kill are selfs we all must ban together to stop them at all costs
    • United States
      10/03/2014 09:53:51

    • Truth talker says:
      If women want to rid themselves of intensely bad luck and worse karma they must say clearly that they love men forever or suffer without complaining it's there choice
    • Sweden
      13/08/2011 06:28:33

    • surfjanne says:
      Well, she ain't jailbait in Sweden:) Come visit ,why don't you Anna...
    • Germany
      17/07/2011 10:42:26

    • 54321 says:
      "Bridge to Terabithia" is the movie i've seen with her
    • United States
      16/07/2011 16:15:21

    • william2010 says:
      watch terabertha?... not correct but close, it's a disney movie, also "return to witch mountain" beautiful young lady, very nice voice.
    • United States
      12/07/2011 21:03:30

    • 12345 says:
      Guess what? Shes hot now. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a 17 year old girl. Jeez... Don't feel ill! You won't go to jail for looking.
    • Cyprus
      12/07/2011 19:25:20

    • Serakhel says:
      Wow is good man....she is really beautiful girl!!!! She is so cute....and in few years she is going to be a very Bautiful and attractive woman!!!But now she is just a cute and bautiful girl with adorable eyes!!!
    • Belgium
      12/07/2011 18:36:00

    • hujif says:
      wow is a good description. haven't seen any movie with her though.

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