Anine Bing


    • United States
      20/02/2015 11:18:25

    • Galactic federation says:
      Be gone TMZ show you are damned for your wickedness and forgotten by reality suffering and freak accidents are your eternal fate and you are forgotten forever BE GONE FOREVER GO
    • United States
      20/11/2014 11:14:41

    • Van Helsing says:
      so love all men forever with hippie free love which is real or be forgotten for good in pain and woe freak accidents are everywhere
    • United States
      20/11/2014 11:14:23

    • Van Helsing says:
      If walking cunts pretend to be monogamists with a monogamist already to let lonely people be lonely you just suffer multiple freak accidents that are very painful so love all men forever with hippie free love which is real or be forgotten for good in
    • United States
      07/10/2014 10:01:48

    • Galactic federation says:
      Monogamist capitalists who call themselves couples are in there own private hell because they don't share with there fellow lifeforms so want to be cured or suffer die and be forgotten ha
    • United States
      20/08/2014 10:00:22

    • Truth teller says:
      Men and women must unite or human civilization will fall
    • United States
      10/03/2014 09:56:18

    • Truth talker says:
      If women want to stop there intensely bad luck and even worse karma they must say clearly that they love men forever or suffer without complaining forever there choice
    • United States
      21/12/2013 11:28:12

    • Truth teller says:
      People seen in la fitness will have infinitely bad karma mostly women that said no to men
    • Mexico
      15/01/2010 05:12:20

    • Australia
      20/12/2006 20:48:08

    • anine addicted.... says:
      she's so hot

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Biografía de Anine Bing

Anine Bing (pronunciation?)is a fashion model. Born in Denmark on November 30(year?), she later moved to Sweden with her family, and claims Danish nationality.
She has brown hair and eyes, is 5' 8½" tall, and has 34½-24½-35 measurements. She models for the Place Model Management agency in Hamburg, Stockholm, and graced the cover of Cafe Magazine in January 2004.
In the May 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine (pg 48) she was noted to have dated actor Jim Careyand hockey player Peter Forsberg, and is reportedly most well-known for her infamous Ellesse billboard advertisement depicting an exposed breast(ref?). Bing has almost been romantically linked to Swedish footballer Anders Svensson in recent years.

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